‘Oh, hell no!’ Update: Owlman terrorizes citizens of Fife, Scotland

We’re all familiar with promotional pranks in anticipation of a horror movie release. Such great examples include Tiffany and Chucky busting through toy packaging and chasing store patrons out the door, and even the telekinetic chaos that ensued at a coffee shop before the release of Carrie.

Hex Studios, the production company behind The Owlman films, sent over this prank video that will have you rolling in laughter as these unexpected citizens in Fife, Scotland meet the Owlman face-to-face in a grim church setting.

Owlman Gif 1
An electrician responds to the power outage at the church location only to discover he’s not alone.

We can either keep talking about it or you can witness it for yourself. Check out the video below and tell us which of the pranks in the sequence you liked most!

I just watched the funniest prank by @HexHorror. 
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