10 reasons why Texas Frightmare Weekend fuels the horror fan’s spirit

Image result for texas frightmare weekendWith the conclusion of the month of April approaching fast, Texas Frightmare Weekend (TFW) attendees in Dallas, Texas have much to look forward to.

The horror convention which runs May 4th through May 6th this year takes place at the Hyatt Regency DFW and hosts a variety of niche vendors and celebrity guests that con attendees always look forward to. If you were to ask a regular TFW attendee about the convention, however, it means so much more than that.

The Superghoul asked members of their online community what Texas Frightmare Weekend means to them, and the answers were quite touching.

10. Frightmare is my escape from reality for awhile. To be surrounded by people like me that become more like my family than my friends! – Joe Sartor

9. TFW is the one place where you can just be yourself and feel completely normal embracing the horror genre without people looking at you like you are a weirdo. I have met so many friends there through my thirteen years of attending and I love them dearly and cherish those friendships. It’s our own giant family reunion surrounded by absolute madness and mayhem. It’s the one weekend every year that I am truly rapturous and it’s my favorite place to be in the world. – Lynn Felmet

8. Simply put, going to Texas Frightmare Weekend feels like going home. It’s that feeling that you’re welcome and you belong and are understood. It just feels different than other convention. It feels like home. – Yvonne Bearden

7. It’s the escape from reality that I need. I’m surrounded by like minded horror loving people. I’ve met and will continue to meet the best people there. There are movies & merchandise that you will only find there. – Richard Nettleton

6. Frightmare is more than a con, it’s family. I read the fans post, they all cheer each other on. The staff love what they do and it shows, into the best con and the best fans. – Allyson Gladden Wotzka

5. It means being surrounded by people who understand you!! – Jennifer Sissom

4. I’ve met some of the most meaningful people in my life, including my daughter’s father, through there. I’ve had unforgettable, incredible moments with some of my biggest idols and heroes. I’ve made memories that will last a lifetime. It’s changed the entire course of my life over the past 11 years. – Amanda Rebholz

3. TFW introduced me to the family I didn’t know I needed and experiences I didn’t think were possible. – Amber Williams

2. Frightmare means a chance for my wife and I to have the honeymoon we never had. We will celebrate our love or horror and each other all at once. – Scott Ingram

1. Frightmare means memories to me. Everyone I meet, from the guests to the attendees, have become family. Together we make memories that will last a lifetime. – Derek Neal

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Online ticket sales for Texas Frightmare Weekend 2018 ends on May 1, 2018. For more information, visit their website and/or follow them on their social media pages: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

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