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BLOOD CRAFT Poster Revealed + Official Trailer Release

You can die, but you can’t hide.

Blood Craft dropped it’s first official trailer and unveiled the poster art this week with promise of witchcraft, gore, and vengeance. The film focuses on two sisters who cope with the childhood abuse inflicted on them by their sadistic father. The two of them decide to get back at him, but there’s one problem: He’s dead.

Madeleine Wade, who also co-wrote the screenplay, stars as Grace who returns home and reunites with her sister Serena – played by Augie Duke – after their father’s passing. Together, they bring their father back from the dead to exact revenge. To break the serious tone here, it’s no wonder why. Watching the trailer, you immediately hate his character. This is obviously due to the aforementioned details, but also for the fact you get a sense of how much of an asshole he is right off the bat. Err… that is when he comes back from the dead.

Blood Craft is produced by produced by James Cullen Bressack, Micah Brandt, James Thomas, and Madeleine Wade. The film also features a lineup of recognizable names like Dominique Swain (Face-Off), Dave Sheridan (The Devil’s Rejects), Mark Rolston (Aliens) and Michael Welch (The Final Wish and Twilight).

Director, co-writer, and genre specialist James Cullen Bressack expressed, “We can’t wait for audiences to discover this unique, disturbing and very Disturbing film…”

Blood Craft is screening at festivals through March and will hit video on demand (VOD) on April 9th. What do you think of the trailer? Leave a comment or tweet at @thesuperghoul to let us know your thoughts!


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