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Fright-Rags Launches Apparel Line For LEPRECHAUN & THE FLY

Feelin’ pretty fly for a green guy? Eh. Let’s pretend that attempt with words wasn’t an absolute flop. Consider yourself lucky because it could’ve been worse.

The luck doesn’t stop there though.

With St. Patrick’s Day just days ahead, Fright-Rags launched a line of officially licensed Leprechaun apparel. If you’re one for green, the Leprechaun apparel joins The Fly shirts on their website so you can get your serving of throwback horror in one go.

The Leprechaun Collection includes five different designs depicting the 1993 cult classic killer portrayed by Warwick Davis. Two of the designs are available in women’s cut and one of the designs is available in men’s, women’s, and unisex zippered hoodie. In the collection, you’ll also find an enamel pin to add flair to your daily wardrobe and custom knit crew socks featuring artwork by Matthew Skiff.

The Fly Collection is an experiment success that launched prior to The Leprechaun. Officially licensed for David Cronenberg’s 1986 classic, five designs are available. Three of the designs are available in women’s cut, two designs are available as baseball tees, and one design by Justin Osbourn is also offered as a zippered hoodie.

We all know why you’re really here though, right? Jeff Goldblum’s face is on a shirt. BOOM!

You can now rock Jeff in his Seth Brundle glory. Right now, that particular design is on pre-order with shipping to commence this week.

Like what you see? Leprechaun and The Fly collections are on sale now at Fright-Rags.com. Keep an eye for more horror merchandise – including the well-loved Joe Bob Briggs – coming soon to Fright-Rags!

What’s on your wish list from Fright-Rags? Leave a comment for a chance to get a $25 gift certificate to shop Fright-Rags! (NOTE: This giveaway offer and The Superghoul are not affiliated or sponsored by Fright-Rags.)

15 thoughts on “Fright-Rags Launches Apparel Line For LEPRECHAUN & THE FLY

  1. They always make great product. I only have eyes for their Nightbreed collection. I need all the breed!! 🙂

  2. Two of my favorites! I already bought one of each collection but you know me, I’ll buy more!

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