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Horror For A Cause: ‘The Babadook’ LGBTQ Pride Blu-ray Release Pays It Forward

June is off to a great start with horror fans excited over Shout! Factory and IFC Midnight’s limited release of a Pride Month themed Blu-ray for Jennifer Kent’s The Babadook. Here’s what we’ve learned from the product page:

Thanks to the unpredictable world of social media, viral videos and passionate fans, The Babadook became an unexpected and embraced LGBTQ mascot in 2017 and even carried over into last year as well. This year, we fling the closet doors open even further to cement his status!

We’ve created a special release with participation from our fine partners at IFC Midnight: an official limited edition and numbered Pride Month-themed slipcover packaging that will be shrink-wrapped over our existing Blu-ray release. The slipcover has a gloss finish with embossed highlights.

Only 2,500 are being made. This variant will be sold exclusively on Shoutfactory.com.

Shout! Factory and IFC Midnight aren’t stopping there! They also disclosed a portion of the sales received this month will go to the Los Angeles LGBT Center®. This organization does not tend to Los Angeles exclusively. Since 1969, the Los Angeles LGBT Center® has helped LGBT individuals and families whenever and wherever the opportunity arose.

According to their website, the center has nearly 700 employees and provides services to LGBT communities worldwide. In fact, they provide more LGBT services than any other organization in the world. They cover four categories: Health, Social Services and Housing, Culture and Education, Leadership and Advocacy.

Consider pairing your horror interests with philanthropy by making your purchase of The Babadook [LGBTQ Pride Edition] today! Also, please enjoy this lovely artwork by Muffin Pines.

Meme Art by Muffin Pines https://muffinpines.tumblr.com

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