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‘DRIVEN’ Among Films to Premiere at Dances with Films Festival

Dances with Films Festival begins on June 13th in Los Angeles, California. Three horror films are included in the festival’s programming and each touch on different corners of the genre. Check out the film synopses below!



In the dark-comedy horror-tinged thriller DRIVEN, Emerson (Casey Dillard) is a ride share driver with nights full of annoyances until she picks up Roger (Richard Speight, Jr.), a mysterious out-of-towner on a mission to break a multi-generational curse. This delightful movie handles jobs we hate, self-identity crises, and coming of age tales all while slashing through legions of demons and reminding us to tip our drivers. It got snark, scares, and a whole lot of heart that pushes the boundaries of what can be done in genre films to give viewers the best ride possible. 

DRIVEN is making its West Coast premiere on Saturday, June 15th at 11:45 pm at TCL Chinese Theatre.

Now, salute your shorts!

WOULD YOU LIKE TO TRY AGAIN? Who wouldn’t? This delightfully wee film, making its world premiere, takes women and gaming (in glorious 8-bit color!) and puts them front and center in this story of a young girl who has lost her mother, and has been using games as a coping mechanism to the detriment of her other familial ties. After running away, she finds a mysterious arcade with a game that transports her back to moments of incredible conflict, but she is determined to beat the game that taunts her again and again with the question, “Would You Like to Try Again? (Y/N)”. Clever, heartfelt and sincere without being cheesy, “Would You like to Try Again” is a piece not to be missed at DWF. 

WOULD YOU LIKE TO TRY AGAIN? has its world premiere at Dances With Film festival on Sunday, June 16th at 2:45pm at TCL Chinese Theatre 6.


Blending horror with surrealism in a style that echoes David Lynch, WOWZERS follows Jacqueline, a young woman who is tormented by dreams and who seeks refuge in a psychedelic BDSM club filled with terror and wonder called Wowzers. Hosted by Mr. Dimms, a cheeky master of ceremonies, Jacqueline will be forced to confront her woe and desires amongst what Beetlejuice called “The Strange and Unusual.” A non-linear narrative, Wowzers is segmented by captivating sequences of oozing, ethereal visual effects. This experimental film is disorienting yet irresistibly intriguing, and challenges viewers to check what they desire both as individuals and as an audience. It’s a viewing experience not to be missed.  

WOWZERS will be making its West Coast debut for the Dances With Films festival at TCL Chinese Theater 1 on Friday, June 21st at 11:45 PM. 


For more on the Dances with Films Festival, visit https://danceswithfilms.com/. 

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