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333: Illuminaughty Making California Premiere at 13th Annual Sacramento Horror Film Festival

With doors opening to the 13th Annual Sacramento Horror Film Festival on Saturday, September 21, 2019, attendees are in for a special lineup of curated films in the horror genre. In the mix, 333: Illuminaughty makes its California premiere at the weekend event!
Starring Debra Lamb, Tonjia Atomic, and Michelle Nessk, 333: Illuminaughty is a found-footage horror film and exists within Michelle’s RA universe, as all of Nessk’s films interconnect. This particular story was created and filmed by Michelle Nessk and Tonjia Atomic as a two-person crew throughout the production. The film also features Hex Harris and Sara Heinzman as supporting characters.
The idea came about in a hot tub when the two were visiting Toronto. Months later while in Las Vegas, Michelle and Tonjia put the project together as a way to challenge themselves by filming only with a cell phone, and allowing only one take per scene. It was filmed as part of a blood drive charity effort, and premiered in Washington state as part of the Horrors of the PNW Anthology series at Crypticon Seattle 2019.
333: Illuminaughty will be screening as part of Sacramento Horror Film Fest’sย Shorts Program 3 which begins at Saturday @ 9:35 PM. You can find the full program and more on their website at this link: CLICK HERE

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