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Blumhouse Releases The Purge TV Merch Collection with Director Gigi Saul Guerrero

by Christal VanEtten at 10:32 am

It’s already difficult enough to enter the holiday season, knowing you’re already doomed to blow through cash on gifts, but Blumhouse just duplicated the weight of that doom with a new collection in their shop!

This morning, triple-threat (director/actress/Luchagore Productions co-founder) Gigi Saul Guerrero took to Twitter with the unveiling of her merchandise collaboration with Blumhouse. On December 10th, fans tuning in to season 2 of The Purge TV will see Hail Mary, an episode directed by Guerrero.

“Blumhouse has become a home and familia for me. Not only did I get to direct an episode of The Purge TV; now my design can be worn by fans who share the same love as I do for the genre, Blumhouse and The Purge Universe! โ€“ Gigi” (via product description)

We’re in our Purge Night Feels and this collection matches perfectly with that. Take a look!


Credit: shop.blumhouse.com


Credit: shop.blumhouse.com

The collection also features the God mask from The Purge: Anarchy ($20.00) in addition to miscellaneous Purge Night Feels gifts. To view the full collection, visit shop.blumhouse.com or CLICK HERE.

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