Fright-Rags slices in with American Horror Story, Edward Scissorhands & Vestron Video Apparel

Who’s caught up on American Horror Story? Whether you are or not, one thing’s for certain, Twisty the Clown crawled his way out of the carnival and into our nightmares.

Fortunately for us, Fright-Rags recently launched a smattering of new officially licensed merch including a selection of American Horror Story tees and trinkets. One standout item has to be the Twisty Enamel Pin that features his iconic grinning mask that flips open to reveal a mangled jaw beneath. You’re free to wear your oddities on your sleeve, bag, or lanyard with or without unveiling the darkness that lingers within.

Fright-Rags American Horror Story Apparel

Ambling in next is our favorite gentle man of blades and benevolence, Edward Scissorhands. To celebrate 30 years of this endearing Tim Burton classic, Fright-Rags released new t-shirts highlighting a variety of unique artists such as Kyle Crawford and Justin Osbourn, a zippered hoodie, and a graphic enamel pin. You know the age-old adage, “Don’t run with scissors.” No need to heed such advice here. They’ve even got a pair of socks woven in pale blue and pops of red that’ll keep your feet warm and cozy.

Fright-Rags Edward Scissorhands Apparel

To continue down this winding path of nostalgia, last up in this trio is Vestron Video Part 2. Fright-Rags pays tribute with new additions to the throng of shirts and collectible enamel pins with Wishmaster, Blood Diner, and Waxwork. Or if you’ve been eyeballing their previous Vestron drop, be sure to give them a visit. Limited stock remains of The Gate and Return of the Living Dead. Pray it’s not too late.

Fright-Rags Vestron Video Apparel

Fright-Rags experienced its official awakening in 2003 and has since grown into your one-stop shop for officially licensed horror merchandise and wicked t-shirt design. They’ve recently restocked a handful of their best-selling shirts including Poltergeist, Big Trouble in Little China, Creepshow, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, and Joe Bob Briggs. Hop over to fright-rags.com to view all of their collections and snag an item or two, or seven.

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