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8 Horror Movies You Can Stream Right Now on Netflix

by Amanda Nicklas at 7:51 pm

Amanda is a writer based in St. Louis, Missouri. She lives the dream, getting paid to play and write about video games; and works in TV development. She also has a podcast... because who doesn't?

Bored at home? Why not give yourself a good scare to pass the time? Here are 8 horror movies and series on Netflix that are the watch when you’re looking to occupy your time. 

Before I begin, I would like to explain the decision behind this selection of horror movies on Netflix. Some of these movies aren’t deemed perfect and the intensity of each one listed varies. For me personally, they’re worth the first watch or repeat watch in place of doing nothing but scrolling endlessly through Twitter on my phone. Here are my 8 horror movie picks that you can stream on Netflix right now.



“Hoping to leave their haunted house behind, a suburban family moves to a new place, only to learn the home wasn’t haunted… but their eldest son is.”

INSIDIOUS is a great movie on Netflix to watch if you want to have a minor heart attack. It has those lovely jumpscares in all the places you aren’t expecting and it’s so flippin’ creepy that you feel like a ghost after you’ve watched it for the first time. The film crafts several stories together and stacks layer upon layer to a story with a very clear central goal: save the little boy. 

I’m a huge fan of INSIDIOUS. It gave me and my roommate heart palpitations and scared me so bad that my chest hurt for hours. 10 out of 10, would watch during the graveyard shift again.

JU-ON: ORIGINS (Mini-Series)

“A young actress is troubled by mysterious footsteps in her apartment. Intrigued, paranormal researcher Yasio asks her to record the sounds.”

JU-ON is scary in the way that you have no semblance of a clue what could happen next. There are ghosts and supernatural goodies and there are timeline jumps and jumpscares and time jumps. After we the audience meet and follow the first set of characters, new stories and characters are introduced as the house in question wreaks havoc on anyone unfortunate enough to call it home. Pieces to the grand puzzle are revealed with each episode in new stories that answer questions created by earlier inhabitants, only raising the level of mystery to new heights. 

(Warning: This series is packed with potential triggers. There are themes of abuse, death, and violence against women and children sitting on top of gore. While this movie makes it on my list, it may not be  for everyone.)


“A group of daring teens find themselves in a fight for their lives inside a haunted house when a sinister spirit crashes their Halloween party.”

Blessed be the stupid teenagers who serve as the basis for horror movies everywhere. HOUSE OF THE WITCH has its flaws, but if you’re a fan of supernatural forces picking off some teens then this is the movie for you!! It has lots of stupid teenager vibes, with different dynamics between the characters. It’s fun, and kind of a shame when they start getting picked off. HOUSE OF THE WITCH is a prime example of teenagers getting into a pickle without meaning to. But they made their bed, and now they gotta lay in it. Or escape. Or die.


“A recovering addict becomes her estranged daughter’s only hope after the teen awakens a terrifying child-stealing witch from an urban legend.”

DON’T KNOW TWICE starts the same way as HOUSE OF THE WITCH by way of stupid teenagers;he best or worst way to start a horror movie and definitely a common start.

It’s an eerie movie with enough exposition and suspense to breathe life into this movie’s story which includes a mother-daughter drama. The plot is simple to follow with the promise of seeing the monster creeping around at the end; long scraggly fingers and everything. 


“As a zombie outbreak sweeps the country, a dad and his daughter take a harrowing train journey in an attempt to reach the only city that’s still safe.”

Zombie movies? Zombie movies! TRAIN TO BUSAN brought people to tears while witnessing the beginning events of a zombie virus outbreak. The cast of characters is varying, each with their own context and motivations. It’s an amazing blend and depiction of the characters’ journeys and their approach to empathy. Train to Busan is an emotional minefield filled with action, tears, and terrifying zombies that crave human flesh; perfect for lovers of the zombie subgenre.


“His new house comes with a mystery and a stash of grisly murder footage. Aren’t home movies the worst?” 

The Sinister movies are masterful, getting the most out of a new story in the most minimal time. An unholy matrimony of supernatural and slasher, SINISTER offers a series of mini-stories that are presented to us through the discovery of gruesome videotapes. The videotapes are disgusting and bloody in varying degrees, making Sinister an ideal horror movie watch for fans with a taste for visual intensity 

SINISTER also has a secondary trait going for it: the ability to fill a second-watch with several “ah-ha!” moments. At the end of the first movie, information is revealed in regards to the dark force behind the massacres, but we learn all of that retroactively. Watching the film a second time leads the audience to go, “Oh, there is it!” It’s like playing I-Spy with an ancient child-kidnapping deity. Wholesome summer fun!


“It’s supposed to take pictures — but it’s taking lives, too. This is more than just a camera, it’s a stone-cold killer.”

Polaroid is a fun horror movie with an actual, textbook monster with consistent rules and standards it has to follow. I appreciated that immensely when I watched Polaroid. Another thing I appreciated is that while the movie focuses on teenagers, their stupidity is not the cause nor responsible for the rage of the monster that is now actively seeking to cause their demise. It’s an exciting game of cat and mouse, even if the family drama is a little misplaced. I do think the main character, who is supposed to be portrayed as a weird sort, was written oddly at worst.  

Now, I’ll be honest. I’m a little biased about this movie. I fell in love with the trailer and waited a year and some change for the movie to come out. I was fully prepared and primed to enjoy this movie


“Believing that a witch has cursed their family, pilgrims homesteading on the edge of a primeval New England forest become increasingly paranoid.”

Are macabre and spooky period pieces your jam? Chances are you’ve probably watched this movie already, maybe even several times. One of the Netflix keywords is “ominous” and that’s about as accurate as you can get. The film is built on mistrust and paranoia through various twists woven into the story. This isn’t the movie where you go back and forth on trying to figure out if the supernatural threat is real. Spoiler alert: IT IS. And if it wants you, it’s going to get you.

What are some of your favorite horror movies on Netflix that you don’t see on this list? Leave your own picks in a comment below!

by Amanda Nicklas at 7:51 pm

Amanda is a writer based in St. Louis, Missouri. She lives the dream, getting paid to play and write about video games; and works in TV development. She also has a podcast... because who doesn't?

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