If you’re new to The Superghoul, welcome! If you’re familiar already, you probably have questions.

What isย The Superghoul about?

Do you want the real answer? It’s about me.

I started this site as a passion project years back, and I wanted to make it my day job. There are so many what-if questions I have filed under that aspiration; what would my life look like if I did do that but the fact is… that’s not my path right now.

If roads lead me back to that endeavor, I will accept it with grace but after spending so much time in the digital space (before and during the pandemic) my mental health was struggling.

Life between 2010 and 2019 presented the most difficult challenges I’ve ever faced. I’ve spent all this time since the start of the pandemic processing everything (death, DV, mental health dx, things I only share to encapsulate how tired I am) and now I’m moving on to healing.

This isn’t solely about that chunk of my timeline though.

So I’ll just wrap it up in a bow; present it to you as this statement: Reader, please be kind to yourself.

There are so many dangers that come with measuring your own progress or journey with someone else’s ruler. And I still see that affecting many I respect and adore.

And when it comes to the world of horror, passion, and creation, that’s a danger that appears often but…I digress.

“Back to” The Superghoul

What do I get out of The Superghoul if I’m saying it’s about me?

It’s about me and how I want to share things with you that “spark joy” that I can’t enjoy in other spaces. It’s about how I want to feel good about what I’m putting out into the world. It’s about how I want you to enjoy what you love the way I learned to.

So what is The Superghoul? I’ve learned that the question was never What…it’s been Who…

The Superghoul is a work in progress.

And aren’t we all?


With love and gratitude,


(aka The Superghoul)