Based in Melbourne, Australia, MyIndie Productions was founded in 2007 and is an independent film production company with the focus of producing original content from their own team in addition to other indie filmmakers in need of assistance. At the forefront, Israeli-Australian Founder & Filmmaker Itai Guberman has taken MyIndie Productions to a new level… Read More Profile of a Filmmaker: An interview with Itai Guberman, Founder of MyIndie Productions

DISCLAIMER: The content that follows addresses rape culture and sexual assault. On January 27th, Michelle Nessk of Gloomy Sunday Productions boarded a plane from Seattle, Washington to make way to Sacramento, California for a benefit event she holds close to her heart. Hosted by the Sacramento Horror Film Festival and titled “Louder Than Wolves”, the… Read More Gloomy Sunday Productions addresses rape culture with short film “Just A Girl” at Louder Than Wolves [EXCLUSIVE]

*Horrific is a show not meant to be taken seriously, and is by no means an accurate depiction of what real Raqs Sharqi (belly dance) is normally. All of the performers are classically trained belly dancers who perform to appropriate music regularly. The show itself is intended to combine two passions into one show. If… Read More “Horrific’s” Kat Ross on fusing love of horror with the art of belly dancing*

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