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Texas Frightmare Weekend 2020: Are you on budget? (Free Spreadsheet)

Where did January go? Hot damn. We're just a few months away from Texas Frightmare Weekend and this will be ...
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Fright-Rags New Apparel

Fright-Rags slices in with American Horror Story, Edward Scissorhands & Vestron Video Apparel

Who’s caught up on American Horror Story? Whether you are or not, one thing’s for certain, Twisty the Clown crawled ...
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Mars Attacks: Uprising from Topps & SideKick Lab

ALL NEW! Mars Attacks: Uprising Trading Cards are now invading on Kickstarter

They’re baaaack. Just when you thought you were safe, familiar green visitors occupied your tv screens during the Super Bowl ...
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5 Ideas for the Next ‘A Nightmare on Elm Street’ with Robert Englund and Heather Langenkamp

How are your new year’s resolutions coming? While some might have given up, I’m not because my 2020 resolution is ...
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Revisiting the Last Decade in Horror Video Games & Technology

2010 through 2019 was revolutionary in terms of the horror genre of video games. Game engines evolved, the details in ...
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What’s Coming to Shudder in February 2020?

If you're not subscribed to Shudder, maybe February's highlights and anticipated arrivals will entice you to sign up! There's a ...
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Blair Witch Video Game [Review]

Blair Witch was released by Microsoft in August 2019, developed by Bloober Team. Blair Witch is a survival horror game ...
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Review: Black Christmas Remake Isn’t For Everyone, But Necessary As F*ck

[WARNING: THIS REVIEW INCLUDES SPOILERS] There is no sugarcoating in this review. Dare I even need to remind people that ...
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Blumhouse Releases The Purge TV Merch Collection with Director Gigi Saul Guerrero

It's already difficult enough to enter the holiday season, knowing you're already doomed to blow through cash on gifts, but ...
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Horror Herstory: An interview with Nightmarish Conjurings Founder Shannon McGrew

The horror community has many individuals and brands whose work and presence are influential. On November 13th, media reporting site Nightmarish ...
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