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A Night Of Indie Horror With Couch-A-Thon and Crypticon Seattle

Written by Ronnie Mason (@scifimonkeys) The second installment of the Couch-a-Thon Film and Music Festival is in full swing and ...
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This post contains spoilers for Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. Like all media that depicts witches and paganism, Chilling Adventures of ...
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The Humanity in Horror

Horror can be so many things. It’s that indisputable fact that makes the “is this really horror” conversation so utterly ...
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50th Anniversary Retrospective: Mark Of The Devil

“In Europe, between the 15th and 19th centuries, it is estimated nearly eight million people were convicted of heresy and ...
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Viy (1967) | Review

Every so often, I come across a film that is so groundbreaking that it feels like I found a huge ...
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Discussing the Haunted Library of Horror Classics with Editor Eric J. Guignard

The connection between horror and fiction has been strong for a long time and we see influences from authors and ...
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THE INVISIBLE MAN and the Strength of Cecilia Kass

This post contains spoilers for The Invisible Man. Being a trauma survivor who loves horror can sometimes be a tricky ...
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Nest of Vampires horror crowdfunding

‘Nest of Vampires’ Closes in on Post-Crowdfunding Goal

Nest of Vampires is a UK horror production directed by Chris Sanders and is currently in post-production. Principle photography completed ...
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Texas Frightmare Weekend 2020: Are you on budget? (Free Spreadsheet)

Where did January go? Hot damn. We're just a few months away from Texas Frightmare Weekend and this will be ...
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Fright-Rags New Apparel

Fright-Rags slices in with American Horror Story, Edward Scissorhands & Vestron Video Apparel

Who’s caught up on American Horror Story? Whether you are or not, one thing’s for certain, Twisty the Clown crawled ...
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