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Is this series title new to your eyes and ears? Better late than never! The horror anthology series initially launched in 2015 with indie-horror personality Blair Bathory at the forefront. For the last year, the horror hostess has been hard at work with Drew Sawyer, producer and Moonshine Productions post-house owner in Atlanta, to execute… Read More Horror anthology series FEAR HAUS set to return with a freshly harvested selection of shorts

Exactly one week ago, Venn Pictures and Northgate Pictures launched an Indiegogo campaign to fund their newest documentary project entitled FredHeads. The fandom based documentary surrounds the community created and cultivated by the A Nightmare on Elm Street franchise and is appropriately led by a team of FredHeads. This global phenomenon has made an undying… Read More FredHeads: Elm Street fandom takes over in latest documentary campaign

*Horrific is a show not meant to be taken seriously, and is by no means an accurate depiction of what real Raqs Sharqi (belly dance) is normally. All of the performers are classically trained belly dancers who perform to appropriate music regularly. The show itself is intended to combine two passions into one show. If… Read More “Horrific’s” Kat Ross on fusing love of horror with the art of belly dancing*